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Rotten tomatoes are Scott Mitchell‘s worst fear. Now he enjoys a tasty, ripe tomato as much as the next person. It’s not a fear of tomatoes per se, but rather a fear of being pelted by rotten tomatoes. Scott is President of Quest Custom Homes, LLC, of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. As a custom home builder in the Pawleys Island, Litchfield, and Murrells Inlet areas, he wants former clients to greet him with a handshake or a hug in the grocery store when they encounter each other. You may have heard that rotten tomatoes and other types of produce were thrown as a way of showing disapproval of medieval actors. While there is no record of tomatoes being thrown at actors up through the time of Shakespeare, there is an article in The New York Times in 1883 of an actor who was “demoralized by tomatoes.” giving credence to disapproval being shown by lobbing rotten eggs and produce at the actors.
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Alexander Pope said, “Act well your part; there all the honor lies.” Scott Mitchell, a stellar example of this axiom in action, researches and prepares for each job as would a highly sought-after actor when preparing for a new role. He knows his part in each situation: builder, employer, director, manager.

It is not only Scott, however, who must be exacting in each role! Office manager, Heather Mitchell, must know how to “entertain” clients with southern hospitality and personalized service working to create client-centered contracts, order material and supplies for both the job sites and the office, and coordinate schedules, to name but a few of her roles. Yes, Heather is quite a juggler!

Another member of the Quest team is Gene Singleton, designer. His part may well be that of the “story writer.” His task is to listen to the needs and wishes of clients to put their imagination on paper. He is quite skilled in taking the varied ideas of clients and using building codes and development specifications to design a custom home to delight the customer. While not being a licensed marriage counselor, he is skilled in bringing couples’ ideas together to create their perfect home!

While Scott has no thespian experience, he certainly does not want rotten tomatoes (or anything else, for that matter) thrown at him in the grocery store. Working to produce satisfied customers is his desire. “Quest for Excellence” is the rudimentary mission statement that guides his work. Each project is undertaken with the same exacting standards and care as though he were building for his own personal use. For many years now, Scott has lived in the same community in which he works. That means that he often sees clients when he is out in the community shopping or dining.

Striving for perfection, maintaining good working relationships with clients, and treating everyone he encounters with respect has developed a reputation of both quality and service – a reputation about which Scott can be proud. He listens to his customers’ wishes, desires, and goals related to building their new homes, then strives to create exactly what they desire. Quest Custom Homes is always ready to design and build the home of your dreams, believing that “custom” is the key to a client’s satisfaction.

So, the next time you’re in the grocery store and you see someone giving Scott a firm handshake or a big hug, it’s probably a former client greeting him. If you do not know Scott, introduce yourself, get to know him, have him build your next home. There is no need for throwing rotten tomatoes!

“I hired Quest to fix my home after the original builder cut corners. Quest found the problems and made everything right. I wish they built my house in the first place! They use subcontractors who are the best in the area, and the owner, Scott Mitchell, is a pleasure to work with! He continuously checks all the work himself throughout the construction process to make sure everything is done right.”
Joel E.

“Dear Scott, Gene & Staff,

Jerry and I want to thank you again for this wonderful house we on here in Waverly Bay. It’s been through 3 Hurricanes and is solid as a rock. For all the time, attention to detail, and all your kind words while were going through this building process, our best regards to you, and all your families.”

Jerry & Jean B.

“Scott & Heather,
Thank you very much! You both made the experience of designing and building our home a very positive and professional relationship. We are so proud of our new home and the strong friendship we have developed with you!”
Mark & Bev

“I was recommended to Quest by a neighbor who had an excellent experience. I decided to go with them based on their work at her home, and I’m very happy with the outcome. Great work and people, and they listened to what we wanted.”
Ronald B.

“Thank you for making our decision to utilize Quest Custom Homes to build our new home an undeniable choice. In our 35 years of home ownership and dealing with builders and contractors, we have never dealt with a more competent and professional company. From listening to our needs when planning and designing our home to the final product today. We cannot be happier with our beautiful new home. With having to stay in New York while having a house built in South Carolina and encountering no problems was remarkable. You and all of your contractors were there to answer any concerns, and to fix any minor issues encountered in a prompt manner.

As far as cost, we received a top-quality home for the price we were quoted with no surprises.
We would confidently recommend Quest Custom Homes to anybody looking for a reputable and honest home builder.”

Jim & Marge H.

Nice doing business with honest people! Good luck on your business’s future.”

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